William Young is an MI5 informant, using his working-class background to gain the trust of groups deemed a threat to the Crown. Tiring of his double life, William travels to Dublin for one last assignment: infiltrating a group of IRA supporters. But these "rebels" are not what he expected — and one of them, a firebrand named Adam with a past as painful as his own, shakes William's uncertain footing to its foundation. As the crisis in Dublin escalates, William treads a dangerous path between the violence in the streets, the vengeance of the Crown, and the costliest risk of all: falling in love with the man he was sent to betray.

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  • [Domin's] style is well-nigh flawless, and her plot and structure are a delight to read - Gerry B's Book Reviews
  • One of the best romantic stories I've read in a very long time - Goodreads reader Isabella
  • Movie in the head — music in the ears! - Simsala's Abracadabra