• unusual historicals blog

    Founded by author Lisa J. Yarde, we're a handful of historical novelists who write stories just a little bit out of the ordinary. My posts are tagged 'heather domin'.

  • historical novel society

    From 2007-2015 I reviewed books for the HNS magazine. You can search my tag on the HNS site, or see my Goodreads shelf tagged 'historical novel society'.

  • adagio teas custom blends

    I've been making Adagio tea blends since 2006; I currently have over a dozen, including character blends for Valerian's Legion and Allegiance.

  • pinterest boards

    Background and research boards on each novel, plus boards for writing music, books, and more.

  • zazzle shop

    Magnets, buttons, bookmarks, and other doodads — not a huge variety at the moment, but I'd like to expand it./p>

  • yandas fan translation

    E. from the TKKB Book Blog has been translating Allegiance into Turkish in her spare time. The Turkish title is Yandaş: Bir Dublin Hikayesi, and you can read it for free on Wattpad. I think this is so amazing. Thank you for your hard work, E!

  • sidh press french editions

    Je suis fiére de m'associer à Sidh Press pour traduire et publier mes romans en français. Sidh Press est une maison d'éditions indépendante dédiée à la célébration d'histoires couvrant l'ensemble du spectre de l'amour dans toute sa variété. Bienvenue, lecteurs français! J'espére que vous soutiendrez Sidh Press.
    I'm proud to be associated with Sidh Press to translate and publish my novels in French. Sidh Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to celebrating stories that span the entire spectrum of love in all its variety. Welcome, French readers! I hope you will support Sidh Press.

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