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If you enjoyed something I've written and would like to throw a few coins in the hat, I have accounts at Patreon and Ko-Fi where you can do just that. My Patreon is currently set for general updates, however when I get ready to launch my web serial it will likely become tiered with extra content. (Crossing my fingers for 2020!)

If you're into tea, I've made several Adagio Tea Blends based on characters in my stories, as well as general writing blends. I don't get any money from these, but I do earn points toward store credit. (I mean, free tea isn't necessarily required for writing, but it sure doesn't hurt.)

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a picture of yours truly

I'm a queer GenX gal living in Florida with one spouse, two cats, and many plants. I've been writing all my life, online for about two decades now; the best thing about publishing via the internet is how it lets me share my creativity with people all over the world while still remaining an anti-social recluse. It's a win/win situation for everyone, really.