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"Heather's style is well-nigh flawless, and her plot and structure are a delight to read" –Gerry B's Book Reviews

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Soldier of Raetia cover art Rome, 10BC. Manilus Dardanus, a soldier from the provinces, applies for military sponsorship with Cassius Valerian, general of a small legion patrolling the Raetian frontier. Idealistic and naive, Dardanus has a lot to learn about the life he has chosen, and at first the brusque and reticent general seems the least willing candidate to teach him; but gradually a bond forms between this unlikely pair that neither could ever have imagined. Over the course of one blood-soaked summer in the wild, as Dardanus struggles with coming of age and Valerian wrestles ghosts from his past, battles and betrayals will threaten this fragile bond — and possibly their lives.

'a compelling portrait of a rough, complicated man gradually thawing to the idea of loving someone again' –Historical Novels Review

ISBN 9781466174153
available at most online bookstores

Heirs of Fortion cover artSix months after the events of Soldier of Raetia, the 24th is summoned on campaign with Rome's most famous general: Drusus Germanicus, the stepson of Augustus who will stop at nothing to subjugate the north. Dardanus and Valerian, after spending the winter isolated from the outside world, find themselves facing the realities of their relationship: while Valerian tries to reconcile public duty and personal feelings, Dardanus struggles with his multiple roles and his admiration for two very different leaders. Drusus' ambition will call everything Dardanus and Valerian have chosen into question, until both begin to wonder if love is worth the risk, and what price they will have to pay.

"The careful sense of fragility [Heather] works into her characters' relationships feels very genuine. Recommended" –Historical Novel Society

ISBN 978131049061
available at most online bookstores

Allegiance cover artWilliam Young is an MI5 informant, using his working-class background to gain the trust of groups deemed a threat to the Crown. Tiring of his double life, William travels to Dublin for one last assignment: infiltrating a group of IRA supporters. But these "rebels" are not what he expected — and one of them, a firebrand named Adam with a past as painful as his own, shakes William's uncertain footing to its foundation. As the crisis in Dublin escalates, William treads a dangerous path between the violence in the streets, the vengeance of the Crown, and the costliest risk of all: falling in love with the man he was sent to betray.

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ISBN 9781465956798
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War in Illyria
Valerian's Legion book 3

The Forest Lord
a novella of ancient Germany

Danse Macabre
a paranormal web serial

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